According to the four UN World Summits on Earth/SD  (1972 - 2012) Biodiversity is foundational for Sustainable Development. The years 2011 - 2020 are UN  Decade on Biodiversity. Accordingly regional and local Biodiversity Education ought to be a a Key Priority in ESD.

"Thus education of the young can only start from and be rooted in the essence of our being an integral part of the world and its Biosphere we are a part of. We depend totally on the rest of the biosphere for our food, oxygen and well-being".

Mauri Ahlberg
will addressed the International RCE/CODES Conference May 15th 2013.
Mauri Ahlberg
University of Helsinki
Adressing the CODES/RCE Conference May 14th 2013

Mauri Ahlberg is Professor of Biology and Sustainability Education
Department of Applied Sciences of Education, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Born 1945 in Helsinki, Dr. Mauri Ahlberg received his Master of Science in 1971 from the University of Helsinki (majoring in zoology and minoring in botany, geography, genetics, chemistry, and statistics), and his Doctor of Philosophy (Science of Education) in 1988. From 1989-2004 he was Professor of Education at the University of Joensuu, and since March 2004 he has been Full Professor of Biology and Sustainability Education at the University of Helsinki. Ahlberg is developing theories, methods and practices to promote Education for Sustainable Development. During the UN's Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005 - 2014) he applies theories of Robert J. Sternberg in order to promote culturally sustainable development (in a broad sense). From 2006 he created with Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio a new R&D program to promote Sustainable Development. Since 1990 Ahlberg with his research group has developed and tested continually theories of Sustainable Development, Continual Quality Improvement, High Quality Learning, Integrating Education and quality tools to promote them: Improved Method of Concept Mapping, Improved Method of Vee Heuristics and ARRA (Analysis of Reasoning, Rhetorics, and Argumentation).

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